Meet CSH

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Lynn Peters

Lynn is a human and animal Osteopath.

Until moving to Portugal this year she and Adrian had a successful Osteopathic Clinic in Cambridge, UK. Lynn is currently training to be a small animal physiotherapist.

Following reporting Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle (IOHC) to the affiliated breed clubs in the UK, she was informed IOHC was not a recognised condition within the breed. With her Clumber Spaniel, Hettie, having gone through two surgeries to stabilise her elbows, it became apparent very little information was available on conditions that affect the Clumber Spaniel.

Lynn believes education and the sharing of knowledge is the way to go forwards in our breed and she maintains our knowledgebase, to keep information current.

Peter Sheppard

Peter is a founder of Clumberfest (with Pam Sheppard his daughter) and is the maker of Hernia Henries!

He has been involved in Clumber Spaniels for over 15 years and with his wife Jackie they have 8 clumber spaniels. Peter Shows, Breeds and Judges Clumber Spaniels. In the past he has been a committee member of the Clumber Spaniel Club and sat on the CSC Health Committee, he has been responsible for health and safety on a Championship Show Committee and chaired a local Canine Society.

He, with Jackie is a firm believer in whenever they breed, and that is only when they plan to keep one from the litter, there should be an improvement in the lines. In past litters to improve the gene pool they have used a Swedish stud, an American Stud and they have in their “pack” on the Swedish outcross dogs that has been use din both the show and working lines in the UK.

He is currently besotted with Tansy (a puppy from a litter born during lock down and in the picture above) and they are both learning a lot about the training for Field Tests!

Adrian Peters

Adrian has worked Clumber Spaniels in the field and his proudest moment was receiving a ‘best hunter’ award for Hettie, his first Clumber Spaniel, in a working test despite her never achieving her true potential and remaining in the novice group!

Hettie’s working career came to an untimely end due to an elbow condition that required surgical intervention. Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle (IOHC) was not a recognised condition within the breed and his involvement in Clumber Spaniel Health is driven through the need to educate owners on conditions their Clumber Spaniel may have.

Adrian has shown his younger bitch, Thatch, in the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) Gamekeepers ring at Crufts in 2019 where she was the highest placed Clumber Spaniel bitch in a large AV group (5th). Following a promising season in the field, Thatch went on to have a litter later that year and Adrian and Lynn have since moved to Portugal where the only hunting their 3 Clumber Spaniels do is beach combing!